Experience the next dimension of storage networking
We are in a new era for storage networks, where everything is changing rapidly.

We’ve hosted a series of webinars to help you prepare for the future of storage and storage networking.

Fibre Channel Gen6 Storage Networking
On Demand

Embracing the digital transformation and taking advantage of new technologies like flash and NVMe is increasingly becoming a critical success factor for IT organizations. But to reap the full benefit from these investments requires modernizing the storage network. Join Brocade to learn how Gen 6 Fibre Channel can deliver the application performance, operational stability, and business agility needed to modernize the network today while meeting the flash-based storage requirements of tomorrow.

New Storage Infrastructure with Flash & NVMe over Fabrics
On Demand

It’s all about doing more and doing it faster than ever before. In the ongoing pursuit of accelerating application performance and throughput, flash-based storage is becoming a critical ingredient. We see a rapid adoption of flash technology in the data center with new solid-state storage devices that are considerably faster than traditional hard drives, as well as having other benefits like power and size. To take full advantage of this investment over time you will need a network infrastructure that is optimized for flash. NVMe is the answer to achieve enhancement within the network. Join our webinar to get the expert guidance on building a modern storage network for flash, choose the right protocol to ease your storage bottlenecks, and prepare for the future.

Storage Analytics for the Ultimate Visibility
On Demand

Monitoring and analyzing IT infrastructure performance can be a complex and time-consuming task that requires complete end-to-end network knowledge to optimize application performance. To add to this, modern users and business requirements demand applications and services that are fast, reliable and constantly improving, and in this agile environment we can’t rely on old-school tools and processes. Join the Brocade experts to find out how you can get the actionable intelligence you need to maximize performance across the data center and ensure application delivery SLAs.